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Things to prepare for children when traveling to bali

Wondering what to pack for a baby’s comfort when traveling? Here is a checklist of all the essential items you’ll need for an easy-going trip moms.

As your mind moms, Bali has tropical warm climate. With two main distinctive seasons : Dry Season and Rainy Season, his happens because of the location of Bali which is located about 8 degrees south of the equator. Therefore you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year round. 

Has several peaks, with Mount Agung reaching a height of over 3,000 meters. Up there, it’s much colder, and it rains much more than on the coast.

Here’s what you need to have in your baby travel checklist :


  1. Pants | Usually 4-5 pairs. In rainy season you can skip the rompers and dresses, and add more leggings, pants and sweaters.
  2. Shirts & Onesies | Usually 2-3 tops, adding 2-3 more in winter months.
  3. Dresses or Rompers | Usually 2-3 for warmer destinations, because they’re so easy to pack and don’t require mixing and matching tops and bottoms.
  4. Socks1-2 pairs, even in the summer months in case we end up somewhere chilly.
  5. Sandals and Shoes | The essential for childern’s footwear whenever the child is.
  6. Hat | A must, no matter where you’re traveling, whether a sun hat for the spring and winter, or a fuzzy hat for the fall and winter.
  7. Swimsuit | Only if necessary, of course. These boy and girl options from Rufflebutts are our favorites
  8. Pajamas | stick to just 2 pairs of footie pajamas (plus a 3rd pair worn on our travel day).


  1. Bottles | Traveled with just two bottles and been fine
  2. Diapers | Rule of thumb is to pack a maximum of 8 diapers in the baby backpack and then buy more as soon as you arrive.
  3. Travel Wipes Case | Like diapers, you can load one up with as many as you can fit and then buy more once we’ve arrived in your destination.
  4. Dirty Diaper Baggie | This one important things when you travelling need to have with your baby.
  5. Baby First Aid Kit| Keep a super simple kit that includes only the basics, like travel-size diaper rash cream, infant pain reliever, a few bandages, a small thermometer, nail clipper, skin cream, etc. For all those other ‘what if’s’, we’ll buy it at our destination if
  6. Prescription Medicines| Keep liquids in their original containers to avoid any issues with TSA, and for anything needing kept cold, we use our bottle cooler bag with ultra-thin ice packs.
  7. Sunscreen| These pocket sunscreen sticks are my absolute favorite because they’re easy to apply and take up so much less space.
  8. Mosquito Repellent| This natural one is favorite one. No chemicals or stink!
  9. Sanitizing Wipes| Especially good for wiping down a dirty airplane seat. I always keep a small travel-size pack in the diaper backpack.
  10. Hand Sanitizer| For obvious reasons, always keep a travel-size hand sanitizer clipped to the backpack.
  11. Baby Shampoo & Body Wash| This 2-in-1 combo, filled in a small GoToob+ travel container.
  12. Brush or Comb| Of course.
  13. Small Toys| Keep a little collection in one of these mesh storage bags for easy packing.
  14. Baby monitor | If baby will be sleeping in another room

You also dont have to forget your childs important documents for mutual security, such as paspor, birth sertificates, child data and the others.

Preparing for baby’s trip can be overwhelming, but take a deep breath and know it will get easier. Give yourself the time you need to ensure packing and traveling goes smoothly. And don’t forget to enjoy the journey—you’ll miss these precious moments when baby is older.

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