Febylous Bali Nanny

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All of our nannies are complete with the COVID VACCINE 3 times and always apply healthy protocols, such as: wearing a mask/face shield, bring their own hand sanitizer, washing hands, checking body temperature before work, not force their self when they feel unwell, prepare themself with antigen tests that are carried out regularly.
  • Holiday Nanny / Freelance

Recommended for Families holiday in Bali. Usually parents need an extra babysitter to help them taking care of their children during a long holiday together or the Parents have to leave the children alone when parents will go for doing something. Nanny will follow the instructions from parents according to the child’s needs. (minimum booking is 4 hours and our rates is AUD $7/hour)

  • Babysitter for newborn

Recommended specifically for caring for newborns / toddlers aged 0 – 12 months)  Babysitter is very helpful in helping mothers who are recovering after giving birth, midnight caring and Helping all activities of mothers in taking care of the baby. (we have baby nurse or babysitter with high exprience)

  • Permanent Live out nanny / Part time / Full day 

This nanny is recommended for a long-term use of at least 3-6 months usually families need this part time nanny for looking after kids and helping out child’s routine arround 3-8 hours / day, 6 days a week, as needed and pay monthly.

  • Permanent nanny live in 

Nanny stays at home with parents. this is recommended for a long-term use of at least 1 years. 

  • demand for nannies is currently high, it’s best if you book early for nanny availability. Make a reservation as far as possible to make sure the nanny you want is available.
  • You can make a booking from our website and make a payment for freelance nanny, or through the booking form, via our official email, and whatsapp.
  • All of our caregivers can start early according to your needs.
  • All feby’lous Nannys are through interviews and rigorous selection, verified and recommended. Have minimum 2 years experienced in their fields, mostly can swim,  Have a good profile, high education, good attitude, a statement of good conduct from the Indonesian police, Speak english well, and  Nanny has attended the CPR procedure and First aid training at BIMC/SILOAM International hospital.
  • No, all nanny’s salaries must be paid in full directly every month to the Feby’lous account. Please do not give salary to nanny directly, except for additional bonuses / tips / food allowances, etc. We do this as a Nanny guarantee  to the customers. 
  • In this case, if the nanny gives a logical reason, the parents are obliged to give a day off the nanny permanently to finished her business then she can back to work, febylous will help provide a temporary replacement to the parents and if the nanny suddenly resigns from work we provide a maximum full guarantee once exchange on 6 months.
  • Don’t worry, all of our nannies are verified and well trained. You can meet nanny, haved short interview and start with a minimum trial of 2 hours to find out if your choice is right.
  • We really understand parents’ concerns about this, but you don’t need to worry because Febylous has more than 10 years of experience with thousands of satisfying testimonials from Indonesian and foreign families, you can see nanny profile as consideration and start trial.
  • Bath the children, dress neatly,
  • Changing diapers, if they are age-appropriate, we will help to do the toilet training,
  • Planning and preparing children’s meals,
  • Growth children’s independence,
  • Give attention and love,
  • Educational , art and craft activities.
  • No, a nanny or babysitter is a person who deals with children care, child welfare and child development while the parents are busy at work.
  • We understand that things can happen unexpectedly, if you cancel in less than 24 hours, the deposit cannot be returned.
  • we only charge how many hours you use a nanny (minimum of 4 hours)
  • As long as the nanny is willing and not booked by another family, you can still use the nanny
  • Yes, Febylous provides BPJS health insurance benefits from the labor government to every Nannys on duty. This includes administrative fees paid from the initial admission of the Nannies.
  • this is not mandatory, but if you are satisfied with the work and like it a little bit of happiness we really appreciate it.
  • Nanny is not allowed to take children out of the hotel/villa/house area without parental permission and prior orders.
  • if you need a nanny to stay overnight, nannies will be very happy. please contact our agency to arrange everything.
  • Of course, as long as the nanny is still available then you can get it.
  • when you have met your personal nanny. please explain in detail all the rules, what nanny needs to know, things that need to be prepared and the schedule of your beloved children. it is very important to create a safe and comfortable environment for children.
  • 1 nanny can take care of 2 children and depends on how old the child is. don’t hesitate, consult this with us whenever you need.
  • Start from 65.000 indonesian rupiah per hour. (minimum 4 hours)
  • We do charge a petrol fee of 50.000 / day for jimbaran, sanur, uluwatu, pererenan, nusa dua, benoa, echo beach, cemagi and ubud.
  • This is our main advantage, full support for all children’s activities, such as board games, coloring, painting, educational toys, sensory play, thousand of worksheets, printables, toys, barbie, doll, lego, montessori activity, water gun, art & craft, games etc. we are famous for this and very liked by parents. This makes it easy for the children to get close and instantly fall in love with our nanny. (Our facilities are complete and safety for children)

we support multiple payments :

  • you can pay with cash to our nanny.
  • We Receive cash in rupiah / Australian dollar / American dollars
  • Transfer Virtual bank account
  • Payment from our website with payment gateway : Credit card, visa or master card with extra charge 2%.