Febylous Bali Nanny

Frequently Asked Questions

A nanny service is a professional service that provides trained and experienced caregivers to assist with childcare. Nannies are typically responsible for taking care of children, ensuring their safety, providing age-appropriate activities, and meeting their basic needs.

Nanny for Holiday Session : If you are planning to vacation in Bali with your kids, and need extra pair of hand just for a couple of hours (we recommended you this service) Nannies can offer guidance, aid in daily routines, accompany you while you travel in Bali, involve children in activities, supervise them in the pool, and nanny can provide great assistance during significant occasions such as weddings, special gatherings, or offer parents an opportunity to relax and regain their energy.

Babysitter / Nurse special for newborn service : Introducing our specialized babysitting service for newborns! we understand the unique needs and challenges that come with caring for newborns. Our dedicated team of experienced and trained babysitters is here to provide the highest quality care for your little one.

Live out nanny in semi-permanent position. : This service we offer is only available for a short duration of up to three months. This particular offer is targeted towards individuals who have a set daily routine with their children, working five days a week for one week, with each day lasting between six to eight hours as per the agreed conditions. By choosing this service, you have the opportunity to obtain a more affordable price.
For further terms and conditions, please chat with our admin.

Live In nanny in semi-permanent position : we only offer this service for short term duration, this offer is intended for customers who need full day nanny service, sleepover with the kids for the next few days, can be taken to travel abroad (maximum 2 months)

in Bali, we typically works by providing trained and experienced nannies to assist families with child needs.

We’ve got you covered with a super easy process to help you wrap up your book reservation. Our amazing team will be right by your side, guiding you through each simple step. You’ll have that reservation locked in no time!

1. Discussing Your Requirements:
you will typically have a consultation to discuss your specific requirements.
Please provide a specific date on which you require our nanny service, locations, includes the number of hours you need the nanny, the age of your child(ren), any special needs or preferences, and the duration of the service.

2. Finding a Nanny
our team will conduct research to find nannies that are available on the dates you need. Afterward, we will provide you with the profiles of these nannies for you to make a selection.

3. Agreement and Terms :
Once you have selected a nanny, you will need to agreement the terms of the service, including working hours, rates, duties, payment terms, and any additional benefits or allowances.

4. Finalize :
Your reservation booking will be sent to you once everything is confirmed. The nanny you have chosen will be locked in the system automatically and your name will be displayed in the upcoming reservation schedule. We do need a deposit to secure your book reservation, especially fo long duration and many days.

After we write down your reservation, I’ll make sure to pass on your number to the nanny so you can confidently communicate and discuss everything with her.
She will promptly send you a message in the near future.

Our Nannies provide a range of services :
1. Supervising and caring for children, including feeding, bathing, and dressing.
2. Engaging children in age-appropriate activities.
3. Transporting children to and from school or other appointments, if required.
5. Providing overnight care, if needed.
6. Preparing meals and snacks for children.
7. Light housekeeping related to the children’s areas, such as cleaning up after meals and doing children’s laundry.

Our agency is committed to connecting you with reliable and caring nannies who will ensure your children’s well-being while you enjoy all that Bali has to offer.
1. Experience in childcare and early childhood education.
2. A clear background check and reference checks.
3. First Aid and CPR certification.
4. Knowledge of safety procedures and child development.
5. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

We’re an awesome agency that’s all set and ready to go in Bali! We’ve got all the necessary registrations and licenses, so you can trust us to deliver top-notch services. And we’re also protected by those cool state laws and regulations. So, you can put your worries aside and let us take care of everything for you!

Sure thing! Our amazing nanny services always make it a point to go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of your little ones. That means they’ll meticulously screen their nannies, taking into account important aspects such as criminal records and verifying their previous work experience. You can rest assured that your family’s security is their top priority!.

The cost of hiring a nanny depends on the number of children, locations and the required hours of service. Please feel free to reach out to us by sending a message. We would be delighted to discuss matters moving ahead.

From the basic rate, we charge maximum of 15 hours.

please kindly discuss it with our team.

Absolutely! If you decide to book for Many days or an long periods, We just need a small deposit (miminum 1,000,000 idr ) to secure your reservation and ensure that there won’t be any cancellations. This will also provide the nanny with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Certainly, for a brief period of time or only a few days. (not more than 5 days)

Good news! We’ve got a couple of options to sort out this issue.
– You can totally rely on us and go ahead with putting down the deposit, and then we can reschedule the dates to make things work for you!
– If you decide to cancel your reservation at least 14 days prior to the reservation date, we will transfer the full refund back to you.
– You will be refunded with 50% of your deposit, if you cancel your reservation within the last 7 days prior to the reservation dates.
– Oops! I’m really sorry, but if you happen to cancel within the last 24 hours before your reservation, we won’t be able to process a refund for you. We do hope you understand.

our coverage areas , Seminyak , Legian, Kuta beach, Imam bonjol, Umalas, petitenget , kerobokkan.

– Nusa dua, jimbaran, canggu, perenan, areas : 40,000 idr / day
– Uluwatu, Gianyar, Ubud, Unggasan, pererenan, seseh, cemagi : 50,000 idr / day
– Tabanan : 80,000 Idr / day

Certainly, there are no extra fees involved.

Our amazing nannies are incredibly flexible with their availability! They are more than happy to assist you at any time, whether it’s during the day or even throughout the night. So, you can rest assured that your needs will be met. You have absolutely nothing to worry about!

minimum 5 hours / day and maximum 14 hours / day.

Our awesome customers usually book our incredibly popular nanny well in advance to secure their availability!
And for the last minute we require at least 3 hours notice to book a Nanny. (There are not many options for the nanny to choose in the last minute.)
This allows us to ensure availability and make the necessary arrangements.

When it comes to the payment, could you please settle it in cash directly with the nanny once she’s done for the day? It would be greatly appreciated!

Absolutely, yes! Oh, you should totally book well in advance to ensure that they’ll be available throughout your entire stay.

I completely understand your anxiety. It’s natural to feel nervous when trying something new, especially when it involves the well-being of your baby. Rest assured, our nanny services are designed to provide professional care and support for your little one.

We totally get that every kid is one-of-a-kind, and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, right? But no worries, you can definitely ask for a different nanny to step in and take over. We’re here to help!
If, unfortunately, no other nanny is able to meet your needs, you do have the option to cancel the remainder of your reservation.

Once your reservation booking has been finalized, rest assured that we will promptly notify you through both WhatsApp and email. You can be confident that we have everything under control, so there’s no need for any concerns on your end.

Don’t you worry! We’ve got your back, and we promise you that there won’t be any cancellations from us, unless the nanny herself can’t make it due to illness, accident, emergency, or some kind of disaster.
Rest assured, we will inform you promptly and ensure a substitute nanny is availability. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned!

If you require an extension for the nanny’s services, kindly inform us so that we may organize the schedule accordingly. As long as the nanny not booked by another family, you can keep the same nanny service. It is imperative that we prevent any conflicts with upcoming reservations, therefore we kindly request your cooperation and understanding.

Absolutely! We’d be more than happy to accommodate your request, as long as our nannies are available. We can certainly provide you with a nanny, and, of course, we will make sure to get your consent before sending anyone over.

Sure thing! We’ve got an awesome lineup of activities to keep the kids entertained! We’ve got everything from coloring, drawing, and painting to arts and crafts, meronce, toys, and interactive games! We guarantee your little ones will have a blast!

if you’re happy with the awesome job our nanny has been doing, it would mean the world to her if you could show your appreciation with a little tip! She’d really appreciate it!
(but there is no compulsion)

We totally get that unexpected things can pop up before your travel dates or in case of any emergency that forces you to cancel the reservation. No worries, you have the option to cancel the reservation. However, if possible, it would be great if you could let us know in advance rather than last minute. This way, our awesome nanny won’t be left hanging and can’t be booked by another family. Thanks for understanding!

Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear that! I totally get that unexpected things can happen!
If the nanny has arrived we will charge for the cancellation fee minimum 250,000 idr.
But I really hope everything turns out alright!

Certainly, our manager is more than willing to assist you. Rest assured, we will work together to find the optimal solution for everyone involved.

If you intend on reserving the same nanny during the upcoming holidays, please make the necessary arrangements with us. To guarantee that she will be accessible throughout the entire duration, we recommend booking your preferred caregiver well in advance.
⚠️⚠️ If you personally make a reservation with the concerned nanny without informing the Feby’lous team, we will not be held responsible for anything and we will not accept any complaints or problems that may occur in the future. We are also released from all claims against nanny. ⚠️⚠️

To make a payment, you can choose to use various methods including credit card, cash in Indonesian rupiah or Australian dollar, PayPal, the Wise app, or transferring funds from your bank account. Please let us know if you would like us to provide a payment link.

We fully understand the importance of safeguarding your privacy. Rest assured, we will not share any pictures of your children on social media without your explicit permission. Additionally, you have the option to kindly communicate your guidelines to the nanny in advance, specifying that no pictures should be taken of your children.

Certainly, you have the option to locate our office on google maps, our website or examine our profile.