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What is a Montessori activity???
Montessori is an educational method that helps children to reach their potential in life. This method emphasizes the independence and activeness of children with the concept of direct learning through collaborative practice, activities and games

Our nanny service is very special parents will get one nanny with two important characters. Our nannies are not only just focus of bringing love to the kids, but nanny will guide the kids through various montessori activities to cultivate confidence, focus, and bloom in the environment. Parents will find many benefits for this. Our nannies very flexible, energic, fun and loyal girl.

Here are some examples from youtube source to show our example activities daily that nanny will doing together with the kids, these are very supportive to help children grow with fun.

Click and watch !

NOTE : parents don't have to worry about all activities, materials and all equipment (worksheets, books, toys, crayons, paper, arts and crafts) are not charged extra !! nanny will bring some activities when taking care of your children every day. All Worksheet, printable or printed products are made according to standards. All materials from Febylous always refer to the checklist of early childhood development indicators from the Indonesian Education Office.

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