Febylous Bali Nanny



Ensuring you have a peace of mind while enjoying holiday in Bali while your children are being taken care of is our commitment. Feby’lous is a Bali based nanny agency in Bali, Indonesia. We provide a personal, professional child care service ensuring families receive high quality, affordable, and reliable child care. 

We have been successfully matching nannies with families from all over the world, be it those who visit Bali for holiday or permanently stay in Bali. Our knowledge in childcare comes from working as a nanny and motherhood. With Feby’lous rest assured your visit to Bali will be stress-free and your children will be lovingly taken care of.    

A Message From Our Founder

Hi Parents

First of all, thank you for visiting Feby’lous. It’s been a pleasure for me to have worked side by side with many awesome parents for more than ten years. With those many years in the childcare industry, I learned that the presence of a nanny in a family has an important role and even has a profound impact on the family itself. Sadly, searching for a reliable nanny in Bali is not an easy job as my past clients faced. Therefore, I initiated Feby’lous to ensure families have their best time in Bali while their children’s needs are fully taken care of. 

Our professional elite teams know exactly your pain point. All searching, screening, vetting, and interviewing processes for nanny candidates will be done by our team. Our rigorous vetting and interviewing process will also include background checks and references called to ensure the safety of your children. Unlike any other nanny agency which often does “place and go”, we committed not to leave you hanging. Once the nanny is placed, we fully support and monitor our nannies up to the contract ends. 

Given the new demands brought on by Covid-19 and remote learning, we recently added Nanny Educator and Tutor Services so parents can feel confident that their children are getting the education they deserve. We’re excited to serve families who come to or have already stayed in Bali. Reach out to us today for an individual consultation to determine which service will best meet the needs of your family.

See you soon! 


Values That Make Us Fabulous

This underpins all that we do. We take a heart centered approach to childcare and have a genuine desire to help. We believe in making a difference in other people’s lives.

We uphold a high standard of childcare services to all our clients. We do so by ensuring our work is ethical,trustworthy and confidential. We value each member of our community, creating trusted bonds.

Every child is unique and individual, that is why we tailor our care to fit each child’s needs. Our ability to understand those needs and provide a personalized service is one of our core strengths.

We believe amazing things happen when all minds are on deck. From our nannies to our Directors, everyone has a voice that can change and influence our agency.

We know we are nothing without our nannies and we treat them accordingly. We are committed to educating, supporting and advocating for our nannies while offering a safe, fun and professional work environment.